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Queen Bey Reigns!


Okay look, It’s no secret that I am a bonafide Beyonce Knowles-Carter fan. And just like my own two daughters, Na’Imah and Na’Tifah Williams, I think she is a pretty, talented and smart young woman. Forbes Magazine says that she is mega-rich and I like that, too. Other than the music that she releases, the videos and performances I’ve seen, her recent documentaries and Oprah interviews I’ve watched, and the media stories I’ve read, I do not know her and haven’t met her. In fact, i don’t have any friends or family who have told me they know her personally. Do I think she is an angel–no I do not and I don’t think my daughters are either. Which brings me to this point:

Why the hoopla over her most recent release, ‘Bow Down’? I am about as over this song as I was an equally silly song she recorded back in the day with Destiny’s Child called, ‘Bootylicious’. Is ‘Bow Down’ more stupid than than the other one?  And what about the fact that America’s darling Beyonce, married America’s bad boy of hip hop, Jay Z? How many other celebrity women marry bad boys?  I’d say just as many as us regular women who prefer bad boys.  My point is that we shouldn’t be shocked at what an artist says or does while performing their craft. We don’t know them as people, only celebrities. Right now we’re shocked at hip hop artists, but does anybody remember the kinds of stuff that Prince, Rick James, Barry White and Marvin Gaye used to sing about doing to women?

Just because we happen to be fans of a celebrity does not mean we know them as private   people. Hear me when I say that celebrities have both a public brand and a private persona. They are usually very different and reserved for their close friends and family circle. Fans tend to be so star struck that even when celebrities tell us who they are, we won’t believe them. Prime example–“Jenny from the Block,” a song released by singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, explaining how we should not be fooled by the material things she has, that she is the same person. There are a lot of “Jennys from the block, including Chicagoan Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, comedian Mo’Nique and the late Whitney Houston, to name a few. Evangelist Juanita Bynam, Evangelist Denise Matthews  (Vanity), and Minister Helen Baylor are prime examples of women with upstanding public images with testimonies of redemption from past ways.

Beyonce is doing her own thing right now and not taking ‘Sasha Fierce’ too seriously, all the while staying in the media and running all the way to the bank.  At the moment she is the most successful female recording artist, live performer and actress– Let her reign in peace.



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