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US Navy Blue Angels Grounded for 2013

ImageThe US Navy Blue Angels squadron won’t be a part of the Virginia Beach air show in September 2013. In fact, they won’t be appearing in any air shows this year as all scheduled appearances have been canceled due to Government budget cuts. The US Navy announced yesterday that it was cancelling all air shows it had scheduled for the rest of the year. There were 32 performances remaining. At a cost of over $100K per air show event hosted by a Navy base, current defense policies cannot support the expense. Out reach events can only be supported with local assets at no cost to the government.This is terrible news. i am disappointed to learn that they will not perform for the remainder of this year.

The Blue Angels are the most exciting flying squadron I have ever seen. I first became a fan while living in Chicago and attending the annual summer Air and Water Show held at the Oak Street Beach on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. Last year I saw them perform at the Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their precision flying is so awesome. In fact, they flew so low in tandem over the tree tops, until I could see the pilots. It was a most thrilling spectacle. I suggest that Congress and the President return to the drawing board and figure out how to keep the Blue Angels flying. This current development is politikking me off!



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