Vanessa F. Church–Someone You Should Know

Vanessa F. Church

Vanessa F. Church

Native Chicagoan, Vanessa F. Church

  is a humanitarian, writer, poet, speaker and voice-over professional who takes pride in her ability to communicate on any level with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.  Her passion is writing and her affinity is reading in all its forms. She is a serious bibliophile, owning just under 6,000 books.   She is married and has four sons and two daughters.

After five decades of an incredible life, Vanessa is reinventing herself in every way imaginable. She will complete her first novel in 2009. She is also the Founder of VChurch Communications, a church relations consulting company; and Anointed Voices, a speaker’s bureau representing some of Chicago’s most dynamic professional speakers.

Vanessa Church has extensive travel experience both domestically and abroad. She has visited 42 of the 50 states in the United States; Canada, Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Iceland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Switzerland, DR Congo, and South Africa. Her dream is to travel to more African nations and the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia and various countries in Asia and India.

She is a woman of strong faith. She feels led to work in raising money and awareness for HIV and AIDS, Hunger, Literacy, and finding a cure for Glaucoma. These are very high on her list of urgent humanitarian causes. For this reason she aspires to record books on tape and to have a radio show that talks about what else…books naturally!


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