“Queen of Africa” Silenced: Miriam Makeba Dies

"Mama Africa"Death of Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba, passed away suddenly in Italy at age 76 after performing in a concert on November 9th. She was a musical icon who inspired South Africans during and after the fight to end apartheid in her native country.

After being banned from apartheid-era South Africa for her outspoken political views for more than 30 years, Makeba was able to serve as a source of inspiration and hope for South Africa’s oppressed by reaching them through her music. After the fall of apartheid, she returned to play a positive role through her music in the newly democratic South Africa.

Makeba was the first African woman to win the prestigious Grammy Award and also earned the affectionate title of the “Queen of African Song.” A world renown singer, she shared the stage with musical legends and sang for world leaders, including U.S. President John F. Kennedy. She will be missed by many the world over.



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One response to ““Queen of Africa” Silenced: Miriam Makeba Dies

  1. I love this woman, and I did not know that the world had lost her.

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